Friday, October 14, 2011


Last post I told you about a yard sale I was going to.  Wow!  Did she have a lot of fabric.  I could have gone crazy...there were so many that I liked.  Thank goodness that I am friends with her granddaughter.  She invited me to come check out all her fabric in her house one day.  There I can lay as much out as I want and buy whatever I want.  Anyways...thought I would share with you what I did get.  The kids had so much fun picking ones they liked, especially my oldest. 

My daughter picked the following fabrics.  She found the polka dot one first.  It is a flannel.  I am thinking I may make a pillow case with the fairy one.  I would hate to cut them up.
My little man only picked one.  He didn't seem all that interested.  I think I will use this one on the backing of his quilt.
Now my oldest, loved picking what he liked.  I think if the others weren't there we would have gone through all of it.  His first choice was the green.  It has a black flower print on it but it is hard to see in the photo.  Looking at them all together, I realize that will go really well together.  He didn't plan that, I don't think.  They will not go with his fabric we already have for his quilt because he has choosen a jungle theme.  I am sure he will figure out some project I can use them for. 

Can't forget about those fabrics.  My oldest also found the spider one and said to me, "Can you make a Halloween quilt with this one?"  Wow, I would love to, but I kinda have a long list before I can do that.  A boy can dream though, right.  I found the orange one myself and thought it would go great together.

I haven't been able to do any more sewing since my last post, so no more blocks to share.  Things have been crazy around here, between soccer and football.  I dont know how others do it.  I have such a hard time finding the time to do it.  It seems a lot of ladies are able to work on their projects once their kiddos are in bed, but for me...I am so wiped out, I can barely concentrate.  Hmmm, our scedule isn't too crazy this weekend, maybe I can fit some 'Mom Time' in.

I almost forgot!!  It's a GIRL!!!  My friend is having a girl.  I am so excited.  Now she just needs to decide on a color scheme for the nursery so I can go pick some amazing fabric for her quilt.  That is if she cares that it matches.  We shall see.

Till next time - Happy sewing!


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