Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost there

So this weekend, I finished quilting my HC Quilt!  Machine sewed on the binding to one side and started hand sewing it to the back.  I did my first binding all by machine so this is new for me.  And very slow but I really like the look better.  I am so excited about how it is turning out.  I almost wish it was for us...hehe.  But very pleased to give it to my best friend also.  She hasnt had her baby yet (her due date was yesterday), but I am convinced she is going to have a leap year baby. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What do I do?

I finally made time, and room to baste my Hungry Caterpillar quilt. 

Then I tackled this crazy task of quilting.  I had gone an bought a bunch of threads.  A special one for the back, and one to match the other colors of the quilt.

Aren't they beautiful?

So I started...and this happened...

Oh boy, is this gonna be a rough one.  I forgot to test my tension.  It is hard to tell in the picture but the bobbin thread can be seen on the top of the quilt!  :(    This made me very sad.  Had to dig out my seam ripper and start again.  I only did one blue square.  I don't think I even have a picture of that.  Then I decided to move onto the purple border that goes around all the blocks.  And then onto the purple pinwheels.  Here's what I ended up with.

I love how they are coming out but then I realized something...]

Do you see that puff that is forming in the middle of the pinwheel?


I wanted to quilt the polka dot fabric the same way as the purple but then it will puff up even more.

What do I do????

I really don't want to have to take all those stitches out and do a different pattern.   I just don't know if I can handle that.

Please. Please help me.

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Friday, February 3, 2012


I haven't put together my quilt sandwich yet.  I am waiting till I know I will have time to start quilting it.  I don't want it to sit like last time (cuz I was too nervous to start the quilting).  I learned the hard way that the spray adhesive only lasts so long.  Hoping to get to it this weekend.  My horrible headcold from two weeks ago never really went away, and now I have a sinus infection.  I dragged myself to the doctors today and got medicine, but my migraine has yet to go away.  I have a huge deliberative meeting to go to tomorrow (our schools are in desperate need of renovations and enlargement), then a basketball game in the evening.  And then Sunday...well it is the Super Bowl!  GO PATRIOTS!!!!  So not sure how much quilting I will be able to get done.

Before I starting feeling worse this week, with this sinus infection, I was able to work on my little man's quilt.  I now have 1/3 of the blocks done.  Here are the new ones I worked on.    

And this one too.

I am thinking they are a bit crazy.  But he loves them.  They will look much better once they are all done and I am able to mix them up a bit.  If you look closely, you will see that a set 2 green fabrics are in the same position in each block (in the first picture).  1/3 of the blocks have these greens.  Another 1/3 of the blocks will have the greens in the above picture in the same place in each block.  And the final 1/3 will be another set of the same greens.  Make sense??  If not...I will post all three types later.

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