Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh Boy!

Yesterday was an amazing day!! 

I awoke feeling truely blessed with great friends.  Once getting the boys off to school, I started my usual blog hopping (hehe) and found out I won a giveaway over at Lulu's blog, For the love....!  I had to email her to make sure I wasn't crazy.  She replied right away and she informed me that I was a no-reply blogger so she could not email me and that she tried to comment on my blog but could not do that either.  Oiy!!!  Thanks to the link she gave me I was able to fix this and now am no longer a no-reply blogger.  And after a little research I was able to fix the fact that noone could comment. 

But wait there is more!

A little later in the day...still on my high from last night and winning a beautiful pattern...I logged onto Facebook and saw a post by my friend Tracey.  She had decided on a "theme" for her baby's room!!  Click here to see!  Isn't it beautiful?  She won't be buying the quilt, obviously (hehe).  I was super excited.  And still am.  A fabric store near me has a whole line of fabrics to go with it.  My imagination began to run wild!  This is going to be such a fun quilt to make!  I can't wait to go shopping with her to pick out which ones she would like.  I am keeping the pattern a secret though. 

And still more...

Today, my excitement continues.  I got my first comment on my blog!!!  Thank you, Camille!  She has one of my favorite blogs, Simplify.  (Here's hoping that these links work - first time adding links to my post.) 

Now if I could just get some followers.  Hehe
The day isn't over yet ;)

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