Friday, October 28, 2011


So it is no surprise I am new to all of this. 

I was all excited about making a Hungry Caterpillar themed quilt, and still am, but I was sad to find out that the fabric line is 'old'.  It has been a bit difficult to find the patterns I want.  Yesterday I got three of them, the multi dot (which I searched and searched for and finally found a website that was not backordered and had the amount I needed), Tossed Caterpillers and Munch, Munch, Munch!  I love the grass prints that also go with these but noone around me has anymore and I have yet to find one online shop that has all the colors I want.  I need odd amounts (not full yds or even half yds) also.  So I have decided rather than ordering from an assortment of online shops and paying all sorts of shipping along with having to order more than I need (that would get expensive!), I will use something from another fabric line.  I am really loving batik fabric so I am thinking the rest of the fabric for the quilt will be of that type.  We shall see, have to wait for my multi dot fabric to come in.  I have never ordered fabric online before.  Wonder how long it will take to get here?

I haven't included a picture in a few posts so here is one I just took minutes ago. (Sorry it is not the greatest, I had intended on only putting great pics on here but that doesnt seem to be working.  Maybe some day :)

Wow, this post is a real mouthful.  Sorry about that. Hehe

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