Friday, September 30, 2011

An attempt...

At sewing that is.  I made two and a half blocks of my little man's quilt.  And boy is my wrist/hand sore tonight because of it.  Guess it is still too soon.  They came out great though.  I love them.  Now I have a total of four done. Oiy, I need a total of 77!!!  I got a long way to go.
The dinosaur one was my first block.

So far the one on the left is my favorite.

And I have news...a good friend of mine is having a baby.  This will be number three for her.  I am sooo excited for her and her new husband.  But this also means that I have two baby quilts to make now.  Can't wait to find out what each of my friends are having.  I wanna go buy some great fabrics!  This hand better heal real soon.
Speaking of buying fabric.  A friend of mine is having a yard sale tomorrow and her mother is selling a ton of fabric!  I can't wait, I am hoping she has some great stuff!  Hmmm, wondering how much money I should bring...

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