Monday, January 28, 2013


I follow a lot of blogs. Love looking at all the amazing projects that people around the world are creating. They inspire me to do more. To try new things. They introduce me to a whole different world. One thing I have had a hard time understanding (keep in mind that I am new to sewing/quilting), is how people have so many projects going at once. Some that sit for months, even years. I have only finished 3 quilts, and only have one in the works. And with the expectation of stopping one quilt to make another for my son's teacher's baby, I have started a project and worked on it till it is complete. I was feeling very guilty about putting aside my son's fabric and making  something else actually.
But after several months off from sewing, I started back, making my son's quilt. And I have made a discovery...I understand now why people have more than one project going! As much as I love the fabric my son has chosen, I am getting a little bored with it. Would love to work with something else for a bit of a change of pace.
I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to make. So many fabrics I want to buy (wish money grew on trees...don't we all wish that). What do I do first though? And I don't really have a big enough fabric stash to start a new project. Well I do have this lovely bundle of fabric for my oldest's quilt.
I love the jungle theme. Just hoping by the time I get to it he still likes it too. But I can't really do anything with it yet. You see the pattern he chose is for a baby quilt and I am making him a twin sized one for his bed. So I have some figures that need playing with so I can cut the right sized pieces. Never done that before so it may be a challenge. Any suggestions that may make it easier are more than welcome.
Yesterday I came up with a new project, however. A friend just had a baby girl the other day...about 6 weeks early. It is her first child. She is a beautiful little girl and both mom and baby are doing well. She is in the NICU to make sure her lungs develop however. Sooo...I have a few days, maybe, to make a quilt for her. A tall order, I know. But I am up for the challenge. And it means I get to go buy fabric!!!  Mom's favorite colors are pink, orange and green. I have been looking online all morning...found a few I like that should fit the bill.
Like Savanna Bop, or Hello Sunshine, or even this one - Enchanted Garden. I would even love to pick some fabrics from Bonnie & Camille's Marmalade . I would love to order something but unfortunately then I would have to wait for it to be shipped. And there is now way I could get it done before she goes home. (Not even sure I will be able to do that buying fabric locally)
So this evening I am off to my local fabric store to hopefully find the perfect fabrics to make a beautiful quilt for a precious little girl.
Wish me luck!

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