Thursday, March 21, 2013

Basting Fail

I have been sewing for about 2 years.  I am working on my 5th and 6th quilts. One is for my son and the other is my Joshua's Angels/Cystic Fibrosis quilt.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect fabric to back this...

Sorry for the repeat photo from my last post.

After searching my local fabric store and the internet, I still couldn't commit to a fabric let alone a color.  I had moved on to grey instead of orange. (That I planned on using that for the binding now, thanks to Randi from i have to say 's recommendation.)
I took another trip to my local JoAnn's and finally found this...

Not the greatest picture of it, but I was sure this was perfect. Well, ok, I was sure after I spoke with two random ladies I saw in the store and heard them talking about backings and bindings...I knew they work working on a quilt too.  They loved it.  And I was even able to help them out with a suggestion for the backing of what they were planning.  Yay!
I hadn't considered green before.
I'm sure you notice the four little charm patches on it...I had those left over from the front and thanks to my oldest son's idea decided to place them randomly on the back.  I love it.
I almost forgot to tell you... I got a phone call from a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Development Manager last week.  She wanted to meet with me! Me! Can you believe it?  I was so excited. She thanked me for being such a great fundraiser and wanted to get me some posters for this years upcoming walk and chat.
Now I had a goal in mind, I wanted to bring my first finished Joshua's Angels/CF quilt with me and share with her the idea, finish this quilt by Tuesday night. Totally doable for me.
So I started...  you know how it goes...taped my backing to floor, them put down my batting and them laid on the top.  I had forgotten to get more spray adhesive again.  So I took out the safety pins and pinned away.
Unfortunately my tape was not sticking to the backing very well.  I found myself reapplying it at times.  Uh Oh...
I kept on plugging along though.  Thinking that it would be ok.  It was looking great on top.
I finished, pulled up the tape and turned my quilt over.  Boy was I wrong.
Look at all those bumps.  I was so disappointed.
Horrible angle, but you get the point.
Major FAIL!
My first major fail.  I was so disappointed.  All that time wasted.  I picked up the quilt, sat on the sofa and proceeded to take all the pins out and separate my layers. 
I was done for the day. I had other things that need to get done and I was so frustrated to look at this...
We had another big storm here on Tuesday.  My local fabric store closed for the day due to the snow.  No getting adhesive spray there on Tuesday.  My husband could tell I was feeling down and out about the whole thing and told me to make the trip to JoAnn's.  Would you believe it if I told you they closed early because of the storm.  It wasn't that bad out!!
Now I was feeling totally defeated.
I had my meeting the next morning (this morning actually) and brought my finished quilt top and she loved it.  Wish I could have shown her the whole thing.  Shrug. Oh well, next time.
Please tell me this happens to you. 
P.S. I bought spray adhesive today...never again will I not use it. 
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  1. Yours didn't look that bad at all. I was basting my tokyo subway quilt yesterday and when I finished and flipped it over there was a big fold right in the middle of the back ;( it took me 2 hours to baste that quilt. Oh well took the pins out and I'll try again today. Remember you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your success. Next time I see a weird bump in the middle I might think I have a problem haha :)