Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday night sewin'

With my table cleared off (again), I took off down stairs, turned the heat on, and stitched away...
I was really surprised at how quickly the pinwheel blocks came together. 

And I learned something new about my machine.  I had been having a hard time with the 1/4" foot this whole time.  It didn't seem to sit low enough to put pressure on the fabric so that the fabric moved through the machine like it should.  (Does that even make sense?  For some reason, the words I want are not coming to me.)  But last night, a light went on in my head, after the foot kinda fell on its own of course (the screw holding it somehow came loose).  Well...that is when I thought...oh my gosh!  I can adjust the foot height and tighten the screw to hold it there!   Duh!  I knew that it came loose and the foot could come off but using it to adjust the height never crossed my mind.  I felt so silly.  No more holding the threads and pulling it through.  Yes, I know, I seriously use to pull the fabric through by hand.

Well...back to my quilt.  
I am so excited.  I am loving how it is coming out.  The colors are just perfect.  And I managed to get the blocks all the same size, so they lined up almost perfectly.  Part of me is going to hate giving this one away.  One of these days I will be able to make a quilt that will stay in my house. 

One more border to put on using the fabric with all the food that the caterpillar eats through, then I can work on the backing.  My husband is going out to a friend's house to watch tonight's football game (GO PATRIOTS!!!), so once the kids are in bed I think I will be watching and sewing!   

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