Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sneak Peek

Basement is finally clean up and things moved away from heater.  Yay!!  Now I can sew and the kids can play and we can all stay warm. 

I have a few sneak peeks of the Hungry Caterpillar quilt I was able begin.  Got some of the fabric cut and even got a few blocks done. 

I love how they are coming out.  Don't you?

Remember that picture I posted with the cream colored fabric?  Well I decided that I really couldn't use it in this quilt.  So I went looking for new.  It is so had to find fabric with a white background, that will match all these crazy colors in this quilt.  But thanks to a great lady at my local fabric shop, I was able to hunt down this.  It is perfect.  I can't wait till it arrives!!  Oh the things we do for sewing...I never saw myself ordering one yd of fabric from an online shop (and I only need a fat quarter, a little extra can't hurt).  Hehe

Oh and one more picture for you.  We have been busy decorating for Christmas.  I love this time of year.

Our Tree
Do you love the white?  Can you tell that my kids help decorate it?  There are very few glass ornaments.  Maybe someday.

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