Saturday, March 8, 2014

Have A Heart

About a month ago, maybe a little more, a friend asked if I would make and donate a quilt to a silent auction to benefit a little girl's family.  The little girl is two yrs old and is in need of a heart transplant. She has had 11 surgeries in the last yr. Absolutely heartbreaking (no pun intended). I was more than happy to do it but when would I fit it in, I thought. And what fabric would I use? I don't have a large stash and not enough scraps to make a good scrap quilt. So I contacted another friend who I knew had her grandmother's fabric and is looking to sell it. Long story short, she ended up donating a beautiful pile of fabric. I was originally going to make another Around the Block quilt but then when I had so many great fabrics, I decided to make a strip quilt. A first for me.
I cut all the strips into 2.5" and asked the kids to pick five. We did this till all the strips were in sets. No two set is the same.
That is a lot of strips!!
A few pieces were smaller than others so I was only able to get one block out of them. Others I was able to get two.
 My next challenge was how was I going to make them perfect 10" squares without a proper cutting ruler...
Go buy one of course. Hehe
Love this one!!!  Here are all my perfect 10" blocks and all the trimmings.
My oldest son helped with the layout. Like usual. He has such a creative eye.
The top came together real well, minus sewing a row in the wrong position and having to take out two seems and replace them. Oh well... it happens. I added a border to make it a little bigger.
It was hard to get good pictures of this one during the process because I did most of the work at night and the lighting in our house isn't so great. And some of these are cell phone pics too.
A little basting...
I was planning on a giant swirl quilting pattern but decided against it and went with hearts on each of the blocks. It was very fitting. A bit tough to do because I was having issues with my walking foot. (That is a whole other story, one which I am not ready to relive... yet.)
And the final quilt...

My oldest, holding it for me. Haha
 His arms got a little tired.

 Can't forget the label.
The silent auction is today, starting at 4pm. I am excited to see how much it goes for.
On to my next project...

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