Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sewing Machines

I need a little help please.  I have a very basic sewing machine, actually got it for $50 on Black Friday. Yeah, I know, crazy. It works and I am happy with it but would love something better and more heavy duty. So....
A friend found this Singer 9960 and posted it on my fb.  Told the husband I was thinking of looking into getting a new one and he was ok with it. Yay!! Started looking a bit and got totally overwelmed.  I can't go crazy money wise, but dont want to waste my money on something either.  Do I really need 600 stitches? Probably not.  I found this Brother HC185 too... Are either of them any good? I definitely want an extension table, and love that they come with a good number of feet. 
I have seen a lot of bloggers talk about Janome machines too.  Singer, Brother (the maker I currently have), Janome, and more... which should I choose?
I mainly quilt, have made 2 dresses for my daughter and hope to make more clothes for myself, boys and daughter.  
Please help!  Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated

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