Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How it all began

Wow, where do I start?  I found blogs when googling questions about quilting.  Now I am in love, maybe some would say addicted.  I have even found pinterest...love it!  There are some amazing quilters out there and I am excited that they are so kind to share their love for what they do.  I follow some and hopefully will get some to follow me someday.  Thank you for all your inspirations!
So here I am...with my own blog, to talk about my quilts (ok, I admit, I only have one - so far), my scrappin', and maybe even a little more.   
Back to the quilt.  Finished the binding on Sunday and have to sign it still.  I think I am going to embroider that.  I actually found the rotary cutting fairly easy.  I was to afraid to cut more than one layer at a time but I am sure that will come.  Piecing it together was a cinch.  I love sewing on my new machine that I bought myself on Black Friday.  Even found the sewing more satisfying than my scrapbooking because I could see much more progress then I am use to seeing.  The rest is when I got scared, and had to google all sorts of questions.  Finally got the nerve to tackle it, and the time when Eric (that's the hubby) could watch the kiddos.  Made a few mistakes, and learned a lot along the way, but made it through. 

So, wanna see it?  Here it is...

This is my first block ever... I was so excited.

And here is the rest of them...

I couldn't believe that I had to go and cut them all into triangles after.  But I did...and it wasn't all that bad.
The quilt sandwich however, well that was intimidating.  But I figured it out.  Love spray adhesive by the way!  But forgot to take pictures.  Then I went back and forth with how to quilt it, meander or straight lines.  And after days of debating with myself, Eric suggested I just do straight lines to make it easier for myself.  He was so right.

So there is it...my first quilting project.  As soon as I sign it I will post pics of the finished quilt.  And maybe even a picture of the beautiful little girl it is for (as long as it is ok with her Mom and Dad).

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